Closer To Truth – About Miracles

First thing that I would have to say about miracles is that miracles happen today but we are not going to see them on TV at Breaking News. It depends where you look.

The obvious questions in regards with God and miracles is why is not God doing some miracles so that all people belive in Him? Why doesn’t He makes a miracle to even show us which is the right religion?

Well, if God would use His power to make miracles and signs to put people on the right path, the love of God would be diminished, because we as man would turn to God out of fear and not our of love. Each man has to discover his way towards God through trying to purify his heart. Upon purification, God will show himself to that person. So, God will show to each man in direct proportion to the effort and the interest we have in God and in afterlife.

But there is an other twist in regards with miracles. If we look in history, God has tried this before. Look at the exodus, how the jews got out of Egipt. God made lots of miracles and signs for the pharaoh so he would let Moses and the jews to leave Egipt. Bur each time, even for a minute the pharaoh promised that he would repent and leave the jews, in spite of the miracles made, his heart was darkened and changed his mind. So large-scale miracles and supernatural signs do not really change men’s heart and do not have any importance for those that have chosen the dark side.

Jesus also made so many miracles during his life. But those who were too scared to change their life and maybe even follow Him, did not reveice the miracles as coming from God. And since at that time, the unbelivers did not have science to flag around, they would say He worked with the power of Satan to make miracles. The truth is not easy to receive, we need to accept to be born again and loose all we have and all we are. We have to accept rejecting all our being and in accepting God into our life, to adopt new blood, new flash, to follow new laws. In face with this effort, most people preffer to reject the miracle and either refute it or accuse it to be false miracle (like the pharisees used to say: He is doing miracles with the help of the Devil)

Let us not forget that human life as we experience it is a testing period – we need to decide for ourselves what we want to become and where we want to go. If God is doing miracles and most of the people still choose the darkness, they will have even a greater burden in the afterlife. Their consciousness will judge them even harder because they had witnessed miracles and still they had chose the devil.

So do not ask for miracles unless you are prepared to act upon them and act without hesitation. But how can one know how much he is prepared?

That is the reason that miracles are performed only for those that God knows in His infinite wisdom that they would be moved by those miracles and the miracles would push them to follow God’s commandments.

Asking God for miracles only to satisfy yourself a curiosity, even if it’s a big curiosity is childish. One sholud not seek miracles from the curiosity of mind but from the hunger of finding the truth in order to commit to that truth.

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