What would you do if you were a Bitcoin whale?

If Bitcoin whales exist of if they don’t it is not the point of this article. The proposition I make is let us consider that there is a Bitcoin whale. How would that whale grow bigger?

Well, you are swimming in an ocean and you have to know how fish move, what laws they follow. In trading most of the money follow trading “patterns” or technical analysis or charts or indicators or … algos which probably count for the bulk of the money involved in trading.

All these trading automatons are easy to predict – read 2-3 books and you learn all the main trading patterns. Anything that is easy to predict is pretty easy to control, even taking into consideration game theory. At least for short term, newtonian laws are almost perfect. There is reaction and counter-reaction, the force is mass times acceleration, etc. For short term wins, all the whales have to do is to simulate the market taking into consideration various scenarios.

This is not rocket science (which is not the most difficult science anyway). The earthquake simulation takes into consideration various scenarious and various changes in a building scenario.

So, if this is so easy, how come the whales are not eating all they can? Well, if they would eat all, they would die after some time because no fish will not go near them for 1000 miles. The close-range fish get eaten, but the ocean is big and there is a lot of noise in the waters. So, leave and let leave, this is the strategy of big whales: eat some, then go down, let the ocean to refresh, new fish will come around and then they come back and eat even more.

This is the times we are living, my friend.

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