Why Jordan Peterson is a hypocrite when he says he can not answer the God question

I think technically Jordan Peterson is possesed by demons. This is the reason he can not say he belives in God. Everytime he gets this question he is giving a nothing-burger answer we all know: what do you mean by “do”, what do you mean by “belive”, what do you mean by “in”, what do you mean by “God”.

Jimbob says this is kinda nihilism. I say it is demon possesion because demons are the ones keeping the man away from the true salvation that comes only through orthodox christianity. Like a magician of phylosophy and advanced rational concepts, it is only a normal feature that Jordan behaves like a nihilist when he answers the big G question. I mean, demons are pushing us finding rational answers instead of taking the right clear path towards salvation. We can see this manifestation in how Peterson is avoiding giving a yes anwer that is clearly the true answer. There is no way Peterson does not belive in God unless all he cares is about money and all the work he does in the field of influencing the sould of millions is related to becoming a billionaire – which would be the alternative version of Peterson if he does not belive in God.

Why do I say he is a hypocrite? Because in other type of advice, he gives contrarian answers. For example, he gives advice that we should always compare to ourselves not to other poeple and try to become the best version of what we can become. We sould always aim higher scopes, above our current potential.

Why then would it be so faux-pas for him to say he belives in God so that he can manifest and behave like a true beliver since he is clearly proposing a christian morality and his entire phylosophy on the world and on the human endeavour is not much different than the christian morality?

So, when he is advising young man that have nihilistic tendencies and reflexes what to do, he is saying: aim high! Chose a high purpose and struggle towards it. But when he is asked about God, he is not saying, yes, I belive and I try to behave accordingly. Or at least, he could answer like the little beliver in the Bible: “yes, my Lord, I belive, help my unbelief”. Instead, he is giving non-sensical explanations, that imply infinite regress towards words meaning that lead to a clear nihilistic fragmentation. He is a hypocrite because givind this answer he is a clear adherent of nihilism while he would never recognize this, but instead even claim the opossite.

I think I am not wrong if I emphasize that Peterson is always advocating we aim higher than our current state and we struggle to become the best of what we can become. How then will he ever become the best of Jordan if, after all the history he has with Chrsitanity, instead of saying, ok, I belive in the christian God and therefore I try to live a christian life so and so, he will always respond, “I do not know”, but you should follow christian morality?

“Clean up your room” before saving the wolrd is probably the most known motivational quote of Peterson. But he is not cleaning up his room. Just like he is proposing order while having drug problems, Peterson is not able to clean his room and simply answer yes, I belive in God, but I am a sinner. This is clearly a sign of demon possession because the act of accepting God will give him power to spread the light of God and maybe become something like an apostle which he is not currently since although many people are starting to question the trivial demonic materialistical paradigm, there is no real solution Peterson really proposes. Cleaning up your room will not lead you to salvation. It might be a deterrence from sliding towards hell and it might help those with suicidal tendencies and dark thoughts, but what you do after cleaning the room? Following Peterson in his doubts will lead you to hell anyway …

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