Dr. Michio Kaku Squirrel Theory – So Funny And So Stupid

Dr. Michio Kaku is a funny SF storries teller. In a recent interview for Valutainment, Dr. Kaku details his “Squirrel Theory” related to life in the Universe. Shortly put, we are to ETs like squirrels are to us: small and insignificant. ETs do not care about us just as we do not care about squirrels. Pretty smart, huh?

The first error in the Squirrel Theory is even to claim that aliens can exists. I mean, you can claim anything, the problem is that you do not have any proof, not so ever. For a long time we were told that if we can find a planet with water in the goldilocks zone, than life should be there, since in the non-goldilock zones, conditions are not met. That was before exo-planets!

Now, we have exoplanets, we have extended conditions for goldilock zones and we even found a planet in our Solar System that is goldilock and it had water – Mars. But there are no signs of life on Mars! So, the goldilock theory has one more negative tests and only one positive – the Earth.

But going back to Kaku’s Squirrel Theory I’d ask Dr. Kaku how could humans be able to hide from squirrels? I agree, pretty much no squirrel can claim human abduction (with probably insignificant small cases compared to the overall population) but if you are a smart squirrel you have to be pretty stupid not to see the signs of human civilization.

No matter how insignificant we are, from the billions of stars we have seen, the fact that no single interesting spectrum was found and also no radio signal was detected it pretty much shows we are alone in the universe.

There are two main narratives that ET proponents still maintain after all the observations we have till today: 1) life is very rare so we did not find it so far because it is out of our perception 2) life is not rare, but somehow ET is keeping us in a very wild zoo in which we can not see the bars of the cage we’re in. Both are stupid: we’ve seen enough to conclude there is no life. The light spectrum is a nice tool we have used to see what other planets have in their atmosphere and we have found nothing interesting. I am not sure about the range of this detection, but since we can see an exoplanet I think we can see spectrum of their light, so we probably have thousands of spectrums analysed so far and no sign of anything. The radio waves are also a method with very high reach around us and we could have detected any ET radio or TV until now.

Of course, there are many layers of discussion but none is based. Let’s say for example that life exists, but only intelligent life is rare. So rare, that we are the only planet in our visible bubble. But if life can exists, since evolution is considered true by some, how come life does not evolve on these planets if it evolved on our planet?

In the interview I mentioned, Dr. Kaku expands his Squirrel Theory with a nice perspective: ET does not care about a squirrel maybe because other animals are interesting in the forest. But wait! If we are squirrels, how come we do not see the other animals, if ET is so much not carring about us because we are so un-evolved? This forest is a pretty weird one if squirrels are wandering what is going on and are questioning if there any other animals, be it ants or lions!

In conclusion, people invent stupid fairy tales to run away from the single theory that exists and explains our Universe: the God theory.


What would you do if you were a Bitcoin whale?

If Bitcoin whales exist of if they don’t it is not the point of this article. The proposition I make is let us consider that there is a Bitcoin whale. How would that whale grow bigger?

Well, you are swimming in an ocean and you have to know how fish move, what laws they follow. In trading most of the money follow trading “patterns” or technical analysis or charts or indicators or … algos which probably count for the bulk of the money involved in trading.

All these trading automatons are easy to predict – read 2-3 books and you learn all the main trading patterns. Anything that is easy to predict is pretty easy to control, even taking into consideration game theory. At least for short term, newtonian laws are almost perfect. There is reaction and counter-reaction, the force is mass times acceleration, etc. For short term wins, all the whales have to do is to simulate the market taking into consideration various scenarios.

This is not rocket science (which is not the most difficult science anyway). The earthquake simulation takes into consideration various scenarious and various changes in a building scenario.

So, if this is so easy, how come the whales are not eating all they can? Well, if they would eat all, they would die after some time because no fish will not go near them for 1000 miles. The close-range fish get eaten, but the ocean is big and there is a lot of noise in the waters. So, leave and let leave, this is the strategy of big whales: eat some, then go down, let the ocean to refresh, new fish will come around and then they come back and eat even more.

This is the times we are living, my friend.


Closer To Truth – About Miracles

First thing that I would have to say about miracles is that miracles happen today but we are not going to see them on TV at Breaking News. It depends where you look.

The obvious questions in regards with God and miracles is why is not God doing some miracles so that all people belive in Him? Why doesn’t He makes a miracle to even show us which is the right religion?

Well, if God would use His power to make miracles and signs to put people on the right path, the love of God would be diminished, because we as man would turn to God out of fear and not our of love. Each man has to discover his way towards God through trying to purify his heart. Upon purification, God will show himself to that person. So, God will show to each man in direct proportion to the effort and the interest we have in God and in afterlife.

But there is an other twist in regards with miracles. If we look in history, God has tried this before. Look at the exodus, how the jews got out of Egipt. God made lots of miracles and signs for the pharaoh so he would let Moses and the jews to leave Egipt. Bur each time, even for a minute the pharaoh promised that he would repent and leave the jews, in spite of the miracles made, his heart was darkened and changed his mind. So large-scale miracles and supernatural signs do not really change men’s heart and do not have any importance for those that have chosen the dark side.

Jesus also made so many miracles during his life. But those who were too scared to change their life and maybe even follow Him, did not reveice the miracles as coming from God. And since at that time, the unbelivers did not have science to flag around, they would say He worked with the power of Satan to make miracles. The truth is not easy to receive, we need to accept to be born again and loose all we have and all we are. We have to accept rejecting all our being and in accepting God into our life, to adopt new blood, new flash, to follow new laws. In face with this effort, most people preffer to reject the miracle and either refute it or accuse it to be false miracle (like the pharisees used to say: He is doing miracles with the help of the Devil)

Let us not forget that human life as we experience it is a testing period – we need to decide for ourselves what we want to become and where we want to go. If God is doing miracles and most of the people still choose the darkness, they will have even a greater burden in the afterlife. Their consciousness will judge them even harder because they had witnessed miracles and still they had chose the devil.

So do not ask for miracles unless you are prepared to act upon them and act without hesitation. But how can one know how much he is prepared?

That is the reason that miracles are performed only for those that God knows in His infinite wisdom that they would be moved by those miracles and the miracles would push them to follow God’s commandments.

Asking God for miracles only to satisfy yourself a curiosity, even if it’s a big curiosity is childish. One sholud not seek miracles from the curiosity of mind but from the hunger of finding the truth in order to commit to that truth.


How to Find an Orthodox Christian Wife in 2020 – some tips for David

Hello David

First of all, I want to give you an advice regarding your frank openness to how you are trying to find a wife and what you want from a wife. But the advice I will give you is not only related to this issue – you can apply it in all your videos: do not put all your heart on the table and keep some closed. It’s an exercise we all need to do sometimes and I will explain why. First, I want to remind you that there is a prayer after we get the Holy Communion: “for I will not speak of the mystery to Thine enemies” [source]. It took me a while to understand this, since it is a contradiction: why should we not talk about our experience and our encounter with God? Knowing what to say, when to say and whom to say it is the most difficult task on the earth, since we need to have a clean heart in order to be filled with Holy Spirit and get guidance from Him. Therefore sometime we need to exercise restraint and keeping part of the secrets under a veil is recommended.

Fr. Paisie Olaru once said: “do not belive all that you hear, do not do all that you can, do not tell all that you know and do not give all that you have“. This was a frequent advice to many people that he would repeat. Doesn’t this seems a bit … unorthodox? Not at all, since christians must always be in sniper mode, looking for the enemy and trying not to fall in his net.

I have no idea if all that I said so far makes any sense to you, so I will only say that what we speak and what we put out must be the overflow of the best of what we have to give. Our fruits for our brothers must be ripe and tasty. Also, restraint in being less open in regards with your personal life is neccesary, so that you can allow the mistery to manifest.

And the last thing I want to point is that your chances to find an orthodox wife might get lower if she will not like to have a husband that is so open. I know your ex-girl friend did not belive in your mission, but whatif there is a girl out there that marks all your points, accepts and maybe embraces your mission but is terrified that you might end up telling the world too much of your future life?

Now a bit about finding a wife. Finding a wife in 2020 (a good wife, per your requirements) is just as hard as finding a wife in 2010 and probably as in any other year. The reasons are clear: we live in the end of times (or times as satanic as the end of times) and there are fewer people that are interested in salvation than in any other age. But christians have always been “out of the world”. I am sure you are aware of The Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus – Chapter 5. The manners of the Christians.

I do not have a particular advice in regards with the process of finding a wife. I want to tell you that you are on the right track on not being obsessed over it, but I have a bad news: you’ll either not get married and get back to being obsessed or you’ll get marry and see that things are not as great as you thought they would be. Getting maried is not like the next bullet you need to mark as done. I have a feeling from watching you that you are very sistematic and ordered and being young (30’s are still pretty young) you have lots of energy and you feel this urge to make this move considering it is the time. Indeed, we need to accomplish the right thing at the right time. Indeed, God’s willing, we’ll be able to overcome delays and have a new beginning. But most important is to forge our weapons for the fight with our enemy. The only right state of mind for a christian is: “If if die now, I will go to Hell. Therefore, I must repent urgently”. We are in a constant war. Each victory will only bring us in front of greater battles and each defeat will make us weaker and we will have to start again from the beginning.

Saying it’s a lot easier than doing. I know you have your mind set and you feel right in your search and in your mission. Feeling right is a good sign, but always leave some room for question marks. Reading too much about marriage and about how a God loving family should be will only give you false hopes that are very far away from the crude reality of a nation under war. Because, we christians are in a big war today and if we do not feel it we are already dead.

With all that said, I do not want you to feel that I do not agree with marriage and that I condemn you for trying to find an orthodox wife with all your requirements. Just please always remember that marriage is only a test for us, an eternal life-or-death test: we will have to give our live fully to a stranger we meet on some app or somewhere else (that you will know for mostly 1-2 years) and there is no exit if things go south. You will need to remain a christian even if your future half will turn into a devil. Once you swear in front of God, there is no turning back. So, caution is not only recommended but there is no sufficient amount or caution one can take before marriage. Why is that? Because no matter the caution you take, the risk is almost the same always. Since the succes of a marriage depends on both man and wife and since both of them are dynamic beings and change in time, there is no amount of must-haves you can get checked out and be sure that you make the right choice.

I am not telling you all these to scare or to derail you. I only want to signal you not to waste to much energy on searching and focus all your energy on building a strong character, having a fruitful life in the place where you are now and living each day as you would only have to live for one more year. Seeing death always in the front of our eyes is always a good exercise and putting our life fully in the hand of God is the only way to stay afloat in these turbulent waters.


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